21/02/2018 - Davis Calls for Unrestricted Acess to EU Markets


Yesterday Brexit secretary David Davis spoke to Austrian business leaders in Vienna in the latest in a series of speeches the UK government is calling "the road to Brexit" as it faces demands to spell out details of the future partnership it wants with the EU.
Davis said that Britain wants a Brexit trade deal that gives it free, unrestricted access to EU markets but where it was “not required to obey European rules”. He said the UK wanted to lead a "global race to the top" in rights and standards not, as some feared, a "competitive race to the bottom". Davis added that British business could "never be cheaper than China" and must focus instead on product and service quality.
The Brexit Secretary rejected the idea that the UK has to stay aligned with EU regulations to avoid trade barriers, and called for “mutual recognition” between the two regulatory regimes to avoid cutting British firms off from the continent.
The UK says it wants to avoid obstacles to smooth trade with the EU although it is leaving the single market and the customs union when Brexit happens in March 2019. He also suggested a Brexit deal by the end of 2018 was "well on the cards".

Key Announcements

09:30 – GBP - Average Earnings Index is forecast to remain at 2.5%
14:15 – GBP – Inflation report hearings
19:00 – USD – FOMC meeting minutes